The winding bay of Alexandria goes from the Eastern part through the whole city. In winter the sun shines brightly sparkling in the sand and yachts furrow the sea; in summer thousands of tourists come here to lie in the sun on the numerous beaches.  The most popular local beaches are Montaza and Maamura situated in the eastern part of the city.

Not far from them there is a small town Abu Kir famous for a battle between the squadrons of Napoleon and Nelson that happened here 200 years ago and also remarkable for its fish restaurants. To the West from Alexandria a long line of pleasure resorts stretches.

Agami resort is famous for the УMillionaires StreetФ- a block of wonderful villas and beaches.

Burg El Arab is remarkable for the ruins of the ancient Temple of Osiris, the picturesque Mariut Lake and an ancient lighthouse that refers to Ptolemaic times and is a reduction of Alexandria Lighthouse.

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