Nuweiba is a pleasure resort situated on the East coast of Sinaisky peninsula, 170 km to the North from Sharm el Sheikh between Dahab and Taba. This place is remarkable for its wonderful beaches and multicolored mountains. The place is perfect for quiet family holidays by the sea and for water sports lovers.

Actually Nuweiba is a coastline area 7 km long. It is divided into three parts: Tarabin, the Town and the Dunes.

Tarabin is a northern part of Nuweiba. It is presented by deep palm-tree groves, shallow bays and the Turkish fort ruins. Inside the fort there is a well that for centuries served a source of potable water for Bedouins.

Along the bay there are a lot of small hotels and camping sites. A unique oriental atmosphere prevails in Tarabin: restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, open cafes located close to the water.

The Town is the Уcenter of civilizationФ in Nuweiba. Here a commercial zone with the bank, the post office, the public telephone, and various supermarkets is situated. Ferry-boats to Jordan regularly go off from the Nuweiba port. It takes 90 minutes to get there.

The Dunes is the least explored part of Nuweiba. Here there are several wonderful beaches with private hotels, cozy bungalows and small restaurants. Magnificent coral reefs stretch along the beaches. Here there is the so called УDolphin BeachФ. The local Bedouins family tamed the dolphins and now with a great pleasure they swim together with people.

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