Dahab is a small pleasure resort situated on the East coast of Sinaisky peninsula, 95 from Sharm el Sheikh. Dahab is still under construction, new hotels and restaurants are constantly appearing at this place. This city has no unnecessary pathos; it is actually a wild resort remarkable for its free atmosphere. There are lots of camping sites on the territory of Dahab.

Dahab is constituted by the two parts: the Old City and the Lagoon. In the center of the Old City there is a Russian diving-center and a surfing-station. Many divers and surfers come here to spend their holidays. Here there is actually no beach; a huge coral reef stretches along the whole of the coastline.

In the Lagoon the beaches are wide and sandy. But here there are so many surfers and it is no so easy to bathe and swim among them.

Dahab is a perfect place for families with children. There are lots of childrens playgrounds on the local beaches.

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