The resort is situated on the coastline between the sea and the mountains. The mountains shelter the resort from the wind and the sea guarantees for high humidity and softens the local climate. The Kemer resort is constituted by Beldibi and Geinyuk regions, the Kemer city, the Kiris city, Chamyuva and Tekirova. Kemer has all the rights to boast of its wonderful nature: mountains, coniferous forests and picturesque but stony beaches. The hotels here are divided into two groups. The first group is chosen by those who prefer quiet holidays. The second group is mostly popular among the youth who appreciate various kinds of city entertainment.

The only exception is Tekirova that is the place popular among people with different interests. Here one can easily find a bar, a restaurant or a disco in the center of resort and in small suburbs as well. Nowadays Kemer is one of the most popular resorts in South Coast.

Here the beaches are wide and pebbly. The bathing season lasts from May to October.

In the city Kemer there are two beaches: the one is huge and pebbly and offers a great variety of water sports and yacht trips, the other Ц the Moonlight Beach Ц is the one where abundant citrus trees cast fresh shadows.

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