Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is the most interesting Spanish region from the point of view of trips. Here everything is so beautiful that one can make pictures of every tree or bush. However the cold Atlantic current actually makes this place unsuitable for beach holidays. At the height of the season the water temperature seldom raises above +21°C, at the end of May it is +19°C. The hotel accommodation in Costa del Sol is more expensive than in the rest of Spain but here the hotels are younger and more comfortable. The Malaga city is the capital of the province. Here there is the airport welcoming all the tourists arriving in Costa del Sol.

Costa del Sol is an ideal place for sports. Numerous sports complexes, stadiums, windsurfing and underwater swimming clubs and golf fields are situated here. The coastal waters not far from Tarifa, the southern farthest port located by the Strait of Gibraltar, are considered to be the best zone for windsurfing. The Marbella / Estepona coast is also favorable for this kind of sports.  A good windsurfing club is situated by the Atalaya Park hotel.

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