Costa del Garraf

The Costa del Garraf coast is situated 36 km to the South from Barcelona. In this place the rich historical background favorably coexists with modern tourist industry achievements and there are particular conditions for both mass holidays and elite holidays. Continuous chain of the picturesque mountain ranges forming shallow and quiet sea bays goes along the coastline.

The Sitges city is the center of the coast and the main resort of the place at the same time. This place became famous due to many Spanish artists. The art amateurs come here to bow to Rossinolo, Dali, Cassas and Nonel for whom this city was a place of summer residence. All the year round numerous international cultural and sports festivals and economic forums are held in Sitges. The successful combination of antique blocks of buildings with comfortable bars, restaurants and shops adds a certain charm to this ancient city so popular among tourists. Many well-to-do Spaniards decide to build their villas and summer residences in this very city.

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