Costa de la Luz

In translation from Spanish Costa de la Luz means the Coast of Light. It is situated close to Portugal in the Gulf of Cadiz and washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Costa de la Luz is usually divided into two parts: Costa de la Luz of the province Cadiz that stretches from Portugal to the River Guadalquivir and Costa de la Luz of the province Huelva that stretches from the River Guadalquivir to Tarifa located by the Mediterranean Sea coast.

Here youll never be disturbed by the crowds of tourists. This is the place of quiet and comfortable rest.

As the sea water reflects sunlight very strongly here it is really nice to go windsurfing or sailing. It is a dream of any tourist who likes sea sports to enjoy this sun, this warmth and these vast expanses. Here there are also very favorable conditions for those who like horseriding.

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