Madeira is a volcanic archipelago. Mountain terraces rising from the very coast to the central peak Santana (1861m) produce an unforgettable impression.

Steep ocean cliffs, tiny beaches and eucalyptus groves, the unique flora and fauna, irrigation canals, craters of extinct volcanoes and lava fields, multiple waterfalls, mountain rivers and brooks create a unique landscape of the island.

Madeira is a place with such wonderful nature and unusually fresh air will be a paradise for fishing and hunting (from September to December), golf and trekking, windsurfing and diving.

The capital of the island is a small town Funchal stretching along the mountain cliffs. Along the port there stretches the main street Lido with numerous bars and cafes. You can also ascend the top of the Monte Mountain covered with beautiful parks, gardens and vineyards from where a wonderful view of the city and the oceans opens.


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