The main Portuguese tourist zone Algarve is a long line of beaches stretching from the East to the West from Monte Gordo to Lagos (about 150 km) protected from Northern Winds by mountain ranges.

While western part of the coast is famous for wonderful cliffy beaches eastern part is rather flat and has excellent sandy beaches. Algarve is an ideal place for beach rest and active holidays; all the year around the resort offers all the opportunities for sports. Golf, tennis, various water sports, riding and track and field athletics are mostly popular here. The capital of Algarve Faro starts its history from the times of Greeks and Phoenicians.

The main sights of the city are the medieval fortress wall, the Romano-Gothic cathedral, the Renaissance monastery, St. Francis Church and other famous buildings. Here there is one of the best museums in the country Ц Henry the Seafarer Museum that acquaints a visitor with an epoch of Great geographical discoveries.

The Ria-Formosa national park is Algarve main pride. It is inhabited by pink flamingo and preserves natural populations of wild roses, rosemary and almond-trees.

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