Hainan is a huge tropical island situated

Hainan is a huge tropical island situated on the South of China with the population of almost 7 million people. The island is situated in the same latitude with Hawaii that is why it is often called the “Eastern Hawaii”. Hainan is washed by the waters of the South China Sea. The average annual air temperature is +24°C, water temperature – +26°C; the resort offers 300 sunny days a year.

Haikou is the island capital. A high-speed highway 370 km long connects the capital with the Southern part of the island. On the island there is Sanya city-resort. The main hotels are situated in the two Sanya bays – Yalunvan (the Asian dragon) and Da Dunhai (the Large Eastern Sea).

The most fashionable hotels are situated in the ecologically clean Yalunvan Bay 30 km from Sanya city.

On the Hainan Island you can also undergo many locomotor apparatus diseases treatment and prophylaxis. The most popular among Hainan health centers is a center of traditional Chinese medicine “Longevity Garden” in Sanya. Here there are also wonderful radon bathes, medicinal thermal springs and great entertainment opportunities: one of the best in the South Asia golf field, international Olympic shooting gallery, numerous tourist routes, rafting, fishing, safari-park, “Monkey Island”, diving and interesting kinds of activity. Hainan is situated close to Hong Kong and Macao.   

The unique island ecology, flora and fauna and also native people originality were carefully preserved here.

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