Olguin is the second main Cuba resort. Here there is one of the most beautiful Cuba beaches Playa Esmeralda (the Emerald Coast), a famous Guardalavaca beach and Playa Pesquero beach.

The main city of the province of the same name Olguin  is often called the Park-city. The cultural life of the city boils up all the year round; it is especially active in May during the May Fair and in October during the festival of Ibero-American Culture. The local nature is wonderful; the hotels offer a wide range of high-level services. Banes the archeological capital of Cuba is situated in this province. Among the 22 Olguin bays here there is one of the largest in the world and the largest in Cuba Nipe Bay.

Olguin is considered to be an elite resort. Here there few three star hotels and there are almost no entertainments. The resort will be nice for quite respectable holidays.

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