Tamilnad Resorts

Tamilnad is the farthest in the South Indian state with the capital in Chennai. Its citizens are descendants of the ancient Tamil people who are considered to be the indigenous population of this area. Tamil people created multitude of marvelous works of literature and wonderful architectural constructions. Nowadays there are over 30 000 temples in Tamilnad; thats why the state is usually called the Land of Temples. Built in different times by different dynasties they still preserved common features of Tamil architecture these are a huge turret over the entrance and wide spacious halls and corridors.

The climate is tropical and there are no drastic changes between summer and winter weather. April and May are the hottest months with the temperature of +40oC. Mild winter with a nice cool weather lasts from November to February.

In Tamilnad there is the longest in India and the worlds second in its length Marine Beach.

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