Orissa Resorts

The modern Orissa state territory with the capital in Bhubaneswar city was a part of the ancient Kalinga Kingdom. In 261 B.C. Kalinga was captured by a cruel king Ashok. However further on Ashok appeased with the local life and nature adopted Buddhism and became a pacifist follower.

The period of VII-XIII centuries was the Golden Age of Kalinga architecture. In 1936 Kalinga got its independence. Nowadays it is mainly an agricultural territory with lots of small villages. Minerals extraction industry is also rapidly developing here. Two thirds of Orissa territory is made up of the Pre-Cambrian rocks abundant of minerals including chrome, iron, vanadium, dolomites, granite and others.

The best time to visit this place is from October to March. In this period the weather is nice for rest and traveling and millions of wonderful birds migrate here from the North to build nests on Orissa lakes and in forests.

Orissa stretches 482 km along the Bay of Bengal. Orissa beaches are famous for the best snow-white sands in the world.

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