Maharashtra Resorts is the third largest Indian state

Maharashtra is the third largest Indian state (in area and in population) appeared in 1960. The state capital is Mumbai (Bombay). This name was first mentioned in VII century in Chinese travelers recordings.

Maharashtra is a gourmet paradise. Local people treat food as a Gods gift, they equate food cooking and eating with a religious rite. Two cuisines Konkani and Varadi are very popular in the state. Fish, seafood and coconuts prevail here.

Being in the state one should follow several important rules:

  • Coming to a sacred place one should take off his/her shoes;
  • It is forbidden to take alcoholic drinks and speak loudly in public places.
  • Women should be properly dressed and cap their heads being in a mosque or a worship house.
  • In some Hindu temples it is forbidden to wear leather clothes.
  • Entering the mosque you should start walking from the right foot.
  • Before entering the temple one should wash his/her hands and feet.

There are many other rules you should follow coming to this place.

The state beaches stretch 530 km along the Arabian Sea coast and are famous for the most still waters in India. Due to this fact these beaches are an ideal place for family holidays. A monsoon season lasts from June to September.

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