Karnataka Resorts

Karnataka is a state with a subtropical climate and a well-developed industry. Electronics and computer engineering are the most actively developing industrial spheres among others. The state capital is Bangalor.

In 2002 the Karnataka government issued a law of assigning maximum means for tourism development and tourist infrastructure creation.

April and May are the hottest months. In May temperature runs up to +40oC. On the 23d of May in 1928 in Raichur the highest temperature in the state was recorded; it reached +45.6oC. December and January are the coldest months. On the 16th of December in 1918 in Bidar the lowest temperature of +2,8oC was recorded.

The resort consists of picturesque beaches hidden amidst the palm-tree groves washed by the Arabian Sea waters. The total length of the coast is 320 km.

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