Gujarat resorts

Gujarat state is the place where the sky-blue sea waters meet the white sands of the coast and dazzling sunsets alternate with pink sunrises. It is the place of lush and thick green jungles, free lions and graceful flamingoes.

Gujarat is a unique state, one its territory there are several wildlife habitats. These are broad plains, deciduous forests, bogs, sea ecosystems and jungles. Such rare animals as an Asiatic lion, a wild donkey and a four-horn antelope inhabit this area.

The state is particularly famous for Balasinor and Kutcha archeological digs that rank among the worlds four largest archeological digs of fossil reptile burial places. Fossilized dinosaur eggs were also found on the Gujarat territory.

Gujarat coastline is the longest in India and equals 1600 km. The most picturesque beaches, many historical forts, ports and temples are situated here.

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