Andaman and Nicobar Islands - unique state of India

The territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands presents a unique state of India. Here there are no many resorts but the islands are actually girdled by local beaches. Wonderful climate and luxuriant vegetation attract here many people for whom quiet ecological rest far from the city bustle is very important. Whats more to visit this territory of numerous national reserves one needs a special permission.

Actually Andaman and Nicobar Islands presents an archipelago of 572 small islands with the total area of 8249 m2. The islands separate the Bay of Bengal from the Andaman Sea. Only 36 of these islands are inhabited. The best time to come here is October and May; the raining season lasts from May to mid September and from November to mid December. In the end of summer strong destructive storms often occur.

About 92% of the territory is covered with forests. Here there are over 3000 species of plants including 100 orchid species, various palm-trees and fruit-trees. The underwater coral forests are abundant of multicolored fishes. On the territory there situated 96 reserves and 9 national parks.

Local people got used to civilization not long ago. Even today many of them wear no clothes or are dressed in beads or a loincloth only. Places of aboriginal settlements are usually closed from tourists.

It is forbidden to take corals and sea shells out from the islands with no permission. Hunting is also forbidden. Tourists should not set up fire, stay in forests for night or bathe without swimming costumes.   

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