Baden-Baden is a small city with a world famous name. With a population of only 50 000 people the city is really popular outside Germany. The reason of such popularity is the thermal springs which curative effect was already known to ancient Romans in III century. At the end of XVIII century Baden-Baden became the “summer capital of Europe” where all the European nobility came during the summer period to spend holidays, to restore their health and to drink the curative water. The city is permeated with a certain spirit of ancient buildings, clean streets and parks, luxurious shops and hotels, magnificent villas and theatres.

There are two thermal complexes at the resort: “Karakalla” and “Friedrichsbad”. “Karakalla” is a modern complex; the total area of water surface equals 900m2. “Friedrichsbad” is a sanitary complex with Roman-Irish bath-houses which water has a stronger curative effect.

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