Halkidiki peninsular

Halkidiki peninsular is situated in the northern part of the Aegean Sea to the South-east from Salonik. The peninsular resembles a trident in its shape. The three ends are the three fingers of the peninsular Cassandra, Sitonia and Agios Oros (Athos).

Cassandra is the farthest in the West finger nearest to Salonik and the most thickly populated region. Its white beaches and promontories covered with pine-tree forests are highly appreciated both by tourists and by local people. Many tourists with children and youth come here.

Sitonia peninsular is the middle finger of Halkidiki famous not only for its sky-blue coast but also for its picturesque cozy bays and olive groves.

Athos the third finger is the most beautiful of all three and undoubtedly the most inspiring. It is covered with primeval forests and has such a nature that touches everyone with its beauty. It is interesting that only men are allowed to visit Athos. In 963 the first monastery appeared here, now the peninsular has 20 monasteries.

The hotels are situated along the coastline at short distance from city resorts. So to get to shops, restaurants and discos you need to take a bus or a taxi. There are very few hotels from which you can get to the city center on foot.

The Cassandra peninsular presents hotels of various classes.

Sitonia also has various hotels, Porto Carras is the largest of them that offers a wide golf-field, the only on Halkidiki casino and other entertainments.

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