Crete Island

Crete is the largest and the farthest to the South island of Greece resembling a flying dragon in its shape. The nature of Crete is preserved in its primeval state. In the South the mountains approach the heavy sea that constantly brings cold waters to sandy-pebble beaches and steep cliffs. The North Coast is famous for its wide sandy beaches and warm and calm sea currents due to which the water in this place heats up earlier than in the neighboring Turkey. Because of the mountains approaching the sea covered with luxuriant vegetation, mountain rivers and small lakes the West Coast has a more humid climate. The East Coast is characterized by large calm bays, fertile plateaus and picturesque hills. Rocky cliffs covered with snow till the end of May rise in the central part of the coast.

Due to numerous shops, restaurants, disco-bars and traditional taverns the life in coastal cities and pleasure resorts boils up day and night. Crete holidays will be appropriate for everyone: students looking for cheap lodging and loud discos, solid people who got used to spend their holidays in fashionable hotels, newly married couples searching for privacy and families with children.

The variety of hotels, resorts and entertaining programs lets everyone choose the suitable kind of rest. The best sandy beaches, modern resorts with the developed infrastructure and comfortable hotels rendering high-level services are situated on the North Coast of the island.

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