Not so long ago there appeared a motor highway between the capital of Tunisia and Suss. The resort center is called “Marina”. It is built in the style of the ancient Mediterranean cities with an artificial bay surrounded by small houses where fish restaurants, shops and apartments are located. The resort is remarkable for its rapid nightlife, discos and casino.

Approximately 10 km to the North from Suss there erected a complex “Port el Kantaoui”. That is a mighty tourist project with an artificial harbour. Actually it is quite an autonomous pleasure resort with a full range of cultural and entertainment institutions although formally it is considered to be one of the Suss resort regions.  

The beaches of Suss are the best in Tunisia yielding in their quality only to Mahdia beaches.

Not expensive and nice Suss restaurants are La Pacha, Mediterrannee and La Caprise.

The popular Arabic bars and cafes where tourists can enjoy smoking hookah and test local drinks are situated in “Port el Kantaoui”. Brau is the most popular in “Port el Kantaoui” bar with its own brewery.

In Suss there is a popular “Ice Cream House” that offers over 100 ice-cream kinds. Most of the restaurants, bars and shops are concentrated about the New Center of Suss and in “Port el Kantaoui” tourist zone.

The resort’s places of note are the medieval fortress Ribat with numerous catacombs and early Christian burials, the ancient “medina” with a city wall, an entertaining bowling-complex, a golf-club, a thalassotherapy center situated by the hotel “Abou Nawas Bou Jaafar”, a botanical garden “Oasis Park El Kantaoui” with over 25 thousand aromatic, medicinal and rare plants.

The most popular discos here are Bonapart, Marokkana, R?diguana, the disco in the hotel “Orient Palace”, the disco Maracana in the center of Suss and the disco Samara King by the hotel “Samara”. Few steps away from this disco there is a casino “Caraibe”.

25 km from Suss in Hergla city there is an entertainment complex “Hergla Park” with a carting club and a park of attractions.

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