Monastir - Your holidays here will be quiet and leisurely

Monastir is situated on the coast 24 km to the South from Suss. In the North the resort borders on Scanes, here the main international airport in the region is located. The nightlife here is not so rapid as in Suss or Hammamet.

Your holidays here will be quiet and leisurely - presentable in one word.

Scanes stretches 6 km along the coast and is presented by the continuous hotels line. It is easy to get anywhere from here 4 km to the center of Monastir, 8 km to Suss. There are actually no cafes and discos outside the hotels line.

Monastir yields to Hammamet and Suss in the number of hotels. The most comfortable hotels are located in Scanes.

Most of the restaurants, discos and shops are concentrated around the center of Monastir.

In Scanes there is a yacht club, an underwater-swimming center, a golf-club and a riding school.

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