Golden Sands

The resort is situated on the national reserve territory of the same name 18 km to the Northeast from Varna. That pleasure resort is considered to be the most fashionable in the country. It is ecologically clean and awarded with a Blue Flag. The beach line almost 3.5 km long is framed in hills covered with deep forest. The infrastructure is highly-developed; about 70 hotels are situated here. By the very coast the water is rather shallow and one can easily see the clean bottom. Here there are no dangerous medusas and fishes. In summer the average water temperature is +24C and the average air temperature is +27C.

Natural factors such as seaside climate, solar ultraviolet, sea water rich in minerals and trace elements, medicinal mud and various medicinal plants are used for medical treatment and rehabilitation on the Golden Sands. Arthritis, arthrosis, various stresses, neurosis, chronic pharyngitis and bronchitis are successfully cured here.

The Golden Sands sights are St. John the Precursors chapel, the rock monastery Aladga and the famous mineral springs.

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